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Pioneers in Sustainable Energy Solutions

Embark on a journey with KSI Solar, a dynamic force in the solar industry, leading the charge towards cutting-edge solar tracker solutions and comprehensive clean energy alternatives. Our heritage trace back to the esteemed Kirchner Solar Group GmbH (KSG), an influential entity in the solar industry for over three decades. Inheriting KSG’s legacy, KSI Solar is on a mission to drive business development in the Solar Tracker market, embodying a legacy of innovation and sustainability. Our roots in KSG have cultivated a solid foundation, and today, KSI Solar stands as a symbol of reliability, boasting an impressive track record of over 27,000 installed solar trackers and a diverse portfolio of more than 11,000 solar rooftop systems and fixed ground mounted solar parks spanning 52 countries.

Our Experience

  • Experience: Over 32 Years
  • PV Panels Installed: Over 5.000.000
  • Total Solar Energy Installations: 31,000+
  • Total Solar Capacity Installed: 1900 MWp
  • Geographic Reach: 52 Countries
  • Total Solar Tracker Systems Installed: Over 27.000 Installations
  • Industry Awards and Recognitions: 100+
Tracker Installations
Solar Installations

Navigating the Solar Energy Landscape

In an era fueled by the imperative need for energy security and the reduction of carbon emissions, KSI Solar stands at the forefront of the Solar (PV) Energy market. Governments, private sectors, and industrial entities worldwide are aligning their efforts to ensure a sustainable and stable energy supply to meet the growing demand. KSI Solar, attuned to global trends, is dedicated to shaping the future of solar energy.

A Vision for Innovative Clean Energy Solutions

At KSI, our vision transcends mere market presence. We aspire to be a significant player in the global landscape, offering innovative and practical clean energy solutions. Our commitment is reinforced by intelligent data-based systems that cross-correlate actual and forecasted production to usage, ensuring efficiency and sustainability in every endeavor.

Green Hydrogen and the Future of E-Mobility

As the world embraces the growth of Hydrogen as a fuel source, KSI Solar envisions a pivotal role for Green Hydrogen produced from Solar Energy. This shift from fossil fuels to clean energy is poised to revolutionize the electric vehicle (EV) industry, impacting air, sea, and road transportation for both cargo and mass passenger movement. KSI Solar, anticipating the future, is positioned to play a significant part in this transformation.

Our Mission: Catalysts for Clean Energy Environments

KSI Solar’s mission extends beyond borders. We aspire to be a key solution provider in diverse geographical regions globally, acting as a change catalyst towards a clean energy environment. Through innovation, reliability, and a commitment to sustainable practices, we aim to contribute meaningfully to the global transition towards a cleaner, greener future. Join KSI Solar on the journey towards a sustainable tomorrow.

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