Dual Axis Trackers

The Dual-Axis Tracking system represents the pinnacle of solar power generation technology. It features PV modules mounted on a custom-designed elevated platform that meticulously follows the Sun’s trajectory across both the East-West and North-South axes throughout the day. This cutting-edge system harnesses the power of intelligent software technology and precision rotation control hardware to ensure optimal solar energy capture.

The DA generation of Dual-Axis trackers has earned a stellar reputation as the most reliable tracking system worldwide, with thousands of installations spanning over more than two decades of operation. Among these, KSI’s DA-60 product stands as an iconic solution, deployed across every continent with an impressive track record of over 20,000 systems.

The DAT generation sets the benchmark for dual-axis trackers, boasting top-tier drive components and a proprietary control system, establishing it as the most advanced offering in the market. KSI’s SAFEGUARD management system is meticulously designed to meet the most stringent safety requirements, ensuring secure operation and protection of the mechanical structure.

Effortless remote access, system monitoring, maintenance/firmware updates, and energy generation reports are facilitated through the system’s built-in communication features. In conjunction with KSI’s intelligent software solutions, customers gain access to intelligent forecasting and proactive maintenance measures, resulting in optimized operations and an improved return on investment.

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Dual Axis Tracker DA60
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