KSI offers the world‘s most reliable and comprehensive solution for tracking systems. The meticulously engineered product includes a precise astronomical control system to follow the Sun’s position. Our unique safeguard concept oversees the protection of the structure and the investment, allowing the tracker to reliably produce electricity at a consistently high level. The innovative technology of our trackers generates a solar energy surplus of up to 50% compared to fixed-mount PV installations.

KSI’s trackers are offered in two varieties of single-axis and dual-axis systems

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Single Axis Trackers

Single-Axis Tracking systems offer a highly efficient solar power generation technology by dynamically tracking the Sun’s path throughout the day along a single rotational Axis from East to West. This innovative system incorporates intelligent software technology and sophisticated rotation control hardware to optimize solar energy capture.

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Dual Axis Trackers

The Dual-Axis Tracking system represents the pinnacle of solar power generation technology. It features PV modules mounted on a custom-designed elevated platform that meticulously follows the Sun’s trajectory across both the East-West and North-South axes throughout the day. This cutting-edge system harnesses the power of intelligent software technology and precision rotation control hardware to ensure optimal solar energy capture.

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At KSI, we illuminate the path to sustainable energy production, ensuring your journey is both eco-friendly and technologically advanced, solidifying your investment in a future powered by reliable and sustainable energy.