The Next Level Of Dual Axis Tracker On The Market

Type: Dual Axis Tracker

Model: DA_130

Design: KSI Solar

With thousands of installed systems operating over a period of two decades, the DAT generation of Dual-Axis trackers has an established track record as the most reliable tracking system in the world. The D_60 product is the most iconic product offered by KSI across International markets and boasts a record 20,000+ systems, installed across all continents in the world. The use of top-quality drive components and a precise proprietary-knowledge control system, make the DAT generation the most advanced dual-axis trackers on the market. The SAFEGUARD management system complies with the most severe requirements to ensure safe operation and protection of the mechanical structure. The built-in communication features provide for easy remote access, system monitoring, maintenance/ firmware updates, and energy generation reports. In conjunction with KSI’s intelligent software solutions, our customers can benefit from smart forecasting and preventative maintenance actions resulting in enhanced operations and improved return on investment.

Key Futures

  • 64 panels (72 cells type): 27 kWp
  • Single panel size (w x h): 1081 x 1993 mm / 42” x 78”
  • Total panel surface: 131 m2 / 1410 ft2
  • Total system size (without mast): 13.1 x 10 m / 43 x 33 ft


Capacity of PV generator: 20 – 28 kWp (depending on panel type)
Operating voltage: 48 V / DC
Nominal power: Max. 240 W
Angular range: 320° , 90°
Angular Accuracy: by 0.1° – 0.25°


Size of panel surface: 131 m2 / 1410 ft2
Size of supporting structure: 10 m x 13 m / 33 ft x 43 ft 8”(without profile rails, width x height)
Maximum installation height: 20 m / 65 ft(upper edge of panel surface above ground level)
Weight: approx. 2300 kg / 5070 lb(without mast, profile rails and panels)
Load approx: 2500 kg / 5511 lb