Single Axis Tracker UA-225

The UA_225 single axis tracking system will produce the energy when the utilities need it most

Type : Single Axis Tracker

Model : UA_225

Design: KSI Solar

Drawing on more than twenty years of experience as the enviable technological market leader in dual-axis tracking systems, time has come to revolutionize the single-axis tracker market. KSI, as the spin-off of the German solar tracking pioneer Kirchner Solar Group GmbH (KSG), has consolidated all the knowledge, skills and technological expertise gained over the years to design the next level of solar tracking technology. Our new “UAT” generation of single axis trackers present the most innovative, cost-effective, reliable and robust Photo Voltaic Energy solutions in the market. This new product line offers superior features, highly flexible layout and easy installation, which all add up to an attractive investment and reduced LCOE. Use of high-quality drive components and a precise proprietary-knowledge control system with a proven track record of more than two decades, makes the UAT generation of single axis trackers, the preferred choice for scalable PV systems. The built-in communication features provide for easy remote access, system monitoring, maintenance/firmware updates and energy generation reports. In conjunction with KSI’s intelligent software solutions, our customers can benefit from smart forecasting and preventative maintenance actions resulting in enhanced operations and improved return on investment.

Key Features

  • Reduced installation man-hours and costs
  • Online remote monitoring and maintenance
  • Realtime intelligent back tracking mode for optimised energy generation
  • Night-Flip function for self-cleaning effect against soiling and snowfalls
  • Flexible installation height to allow dual-use applications (e.g. Agri-Photovoltaic, carparks)
  • Low power consumption slewing drive with optimized offset on axis of gravity
  • Suitable for Single and Double row PV panels installation
  • Extreme versatility for adaptation to a wide range of PV module power capacity and form factors
  • Suitable for bi-facial and mono-facial PV module


Tracking method: Single-Axis, horizontal (N-S installation)
Tracking range: ±160° (320° rotational range) with Nightflip mode
Backtracking: Configurable to terrain
Tracking accuracy: 0.1° – 0.25° on azimuth
Night Position: ±20° module face with respect to ground

Configuration (Per tracker)

Number of panels: 72 modules (≈225 m2) depending on module dimensions
Tracker layout: 2 array each 8 sections (5 modules per section)
Tracker unit: 2 arrays with 1 controller
Drive type: Slewing drive with DC motor
Tracker per MWp: Approx. 21 tracker

Two arrays are mechanically independent, but each Soltrk controller, manage 2 arrays

Dimensions (Per array with panels)

Length: 54 m / 177 ft
Width: 2.4 m / 7.9 ft
Height: 1.65 m / 5.4 ft