The UA_3000 single axis tracking system will produce the energy when the utilities need it most

Type : Single Axis Tracker

Model : UA_3000

Design: KSI Solar

After many years of experience in the global market, taking into account varying land characteristics such as climate and windspeed, a new generation of our single-axis tracker has been designed to withstand a range of conditions.
The innovative UA_3000 introduces a number of key features to adapt and overcome difficult terrains, different weather conditions & high windspeed, including:

Key Features

  • Full-Drive, High Natural Frequency, to eliminates failures caused by wind induced torsion and aero-elastic instabilities.
  • Dual-Beams Structure, perfect for bifacial large-sized PV modules, less backside shading, better protection for PV modules.
  • Terrain slope adaptability up to 35° (70%) to reduce civil engineering work & requirement for flat land.
  • Online remote-monitoring and maintenance.
  • Realtime intelligent back-tracking mode for optimized energy generation.
  • Flexible installation height to allow dual-use applications (e.g. Agri-Photovoltaic, farmland, carparks).
  • Low power consumption slewing drive with optimized offset on axis of gravity.
  • Suitable for Single and Double-row PV module installation.
  • Extreme versatility for adaptation to a wide range of PV module power capacities and form factors.
  • Multiple safety mechanisms to ensure protection whilst operating.
  • Great adaptability for land settlement, the system compliant with 150mm foundation movements.
  • Lower foundation precision requirements, easier installation.
  • Standardization and modularization of subunits to achieve rapid delivery.
  • Lower operation and maintenance costs.
  • Modular subunits allow for independent repair in the event of failure, ensuring continued operation of other units.


Tracking method: Single-Axis, horizontal (N-S installation)
Tracking range: ±50°

Backtracking: Configurable to terrain
Tracking accuracy: 0.1° – 0.25° on azimuth

Configuration (Per Subunit)

Number of PV modules: 18 PV modules (≈55.75 m2) with form factor of 1.3 m * 2.4 m
Tracker layout: Maximum of 30 subunit with maximum length of 300 meters per array
Tracker unit: 2 arrays with 1 controller
Drive type: Double slewing drive with 1 DC motor per array
Tracker per MWp: Approx. 2.65 trackers for form factor 1.3 m x 2.4 m (700Wp module)
Two arrays are mechanically independent, but each Soltrk controller, manages 2 arrays

Dimensions (Per Subunit)

Length: 11.75 m / 193.5 ft
Width: 4.8 m / 7.9 ft
Height: 0.65m up to 4.4m / 5.4 ft up to 9.8 ft